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Trumpsters, Anti-Vaxxers and Climate Deniers, Oh My!

This week has turned the nation right side left because shortly after the Presidential Debate, that turned into a trainwreck courtesy of our commander in chief, it was announced that the President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, had both contracted the Coronavirus.

A cry immediately followed from the Right of “Prayers for our Commander in Chief” and “Pray for the Trump Family”, whereas the Left, who were less sympathetic after hearing “F*ck Your Feelings”, and “I Really Don’t Care, Do You?” for the past 4 years. This Kumbayah moment of Republicans wanting to reach hands around the campfire in solidarity and prayer went about as well as you’d expect. The Left reacted like a lion left alone with a trainer who’d been tasing him from behind the bars in the cage.

“All the virus is a hoax people acting so compassionate 😂

“He better sign that HEROES act before he kicks it!”

“To everyone that is sending me PM’s in messenger, I disabled it like 9 months ago. I literally have like hundreds of messages. I stopped using it because half of them were ignorant f****** and where wishing I would die because I was not a Trump supporter. Well I say fuk you!”

“I love the poorly educated.” – D. J. Trump, 2015
Image may contain: text that says 'I am calling bullshit on Trump and wife's Covid diagnosis. What better way to distract from a bad news cycle, than make yourself a victim-victims of something else? What better way to try and show solidarity with those that are or were sick. Or those that lost people? He's faking the pandemic to distract, divide and conquer. Same old playbook. While he does practically nothing tucked away in "quarantine."'

Whether or not you believe that this is really going on, and it’s not another attempt to gaslight voters, one thing is for certain and it’s that Trump’s ability to be disingenuine when it comes to transparency aside, he’s a bad actor and acting in bad faith for America when he gives speeches to rile up his base. He’s not interested in pulling people together and uniting America so much as he is in dividing it between the haves and the have-nots. For him to espouse so much vitriol and hatred on the campaign trail, then catch the Coronavirus, begs the question, “Is this Karmic retribution, or is this Divine Intervention?”


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