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Dear Right Wing Conspiracy Nut

Below is the original post I was replying to…

If I was a Democrat and love my 2nd Amendment I won’t vote for Puppet Joe Biden who will pack our supreme court because he said he won’t answer the question until after the election. Also with they both lie about issues like fossil fuel, taxes, and race that would destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs. They won’t back our country law enforcement and won’t call out Antifa for who they are as terrorists. So if you want your 2,nd Amendment is taking away from you by pack our supreme court and less law enforcement officers to be safe in your home and property to where a invasion of a Criminal to criminals into your home with your kids sleep at night. So if you democrats who going to vote for Puppet Joe Biden and his far left wing Socialist running mate Harris and get elected are you going to give up your rights to bear arms to paying high taxes and possibly lose your job doesn’t that bother you just because you hate Trump by listen to music of far left media they had made up stories and won’t cover the real facts and truth. So don’t wish what you wish for then regret later for your decision. I’m a independent voter and voted for democratic party members in the past. God Bless America and never ever let no one take away our god given rights as a nation of free people 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I’ve been a progressive Republican most of my life, and the 2A has never been an issue until recently when some militia groups posing as “freedom fighters” started storming the capitals of cities and demanding this or that, while our President called them “good people”.

I never thought I would see in my lifetime where a sitting US President would call domestic terrorists “good people” and yet condemn a notion of anti-fascism (antifa isn’t an actual organization, by the way.)

Your argument is that if I “don’t vote for Trump, it’s because I must hate Trump and don’t value my gun rights” is a falsehood. I will not give up my right to bear arms, they were given to me by their creator for hunting.

When you assert that Joe Biden is a liar about fossil fuels, taxes and race relations, but that Trump and Pence are “straight shooters”, you are insulting not only me, who’s lost a family member to COVID-19, but 210,000 other families who’ve lost someone they love. You’re insulting the members of my family who are serving our country in the armed forces, and my deceased Father, whom our President referred to as “Suckers”.


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