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“Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn”

https://thinkprogress.org/waskom-texas-city-council-passed-sanctuary-law-for-unborn-abortion-ban-23846bac9b42/?utm_source=izooto&utm_medium=push_notifications&utm_campaign=texas%20council&utm_content=&utm_term= "Texas... we can't afford to keep them, you can't afford not to." A GROUP FROM TEXAS DISPLAY THEIR FLAGS DURING A RALLY ON THE MALL FOR THE MARCH FOR LIFE ANTI-ABORTION DEMONSTRATION. (PHOTO BY TOM WILLIAMS/CQ ROLL CALL) In Waskom, Texas, a city council passed a law, on Tuesday, making abortion illegal and challenging… Continue reading “Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn”

Politics, News and People

We The People…

"Where were you when you saw the planes hit the World Trade Center Towers?" It's a question that everyone asks about and it's answered with the same discomfort that you get when asking a military veteran, "What did you do in the War?" Some of us were at work that day, others were taking care… Continue reading We The People…