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The De-evolution of Trumpism

What really bothers me the most about “Trumpism” is how it is not the real problem in our society, but is a symptom of a bigger problem that is getting passed down to the next generation of kids who are disinterested in making America better and leading the world, instead of being lead and swindled by corrupt politics and agenda.

A friend of mine said recently in Facebook, “We have too many children like these, who have zero understanding of social philosophy or the social contract, or the purpose of government or even what it actually is….Notice how they think only in terms of ‘winning’. That is the limit to their understanding of politics: a Sports Fan, zero-sum game mentality. These poor cretins are two dimensional and completely unable to think outside of exclusive dichotomies”

The saddest thing is when their kids grow up to be just like them and it goes the same bad way as their parents. They become embittered at the government and life. Rather than work for what’s best for the community, they become alcoholics and rage addicts. My old man spent most of his career trying to save schlubs like these from themselves when they burn out.

Oh yeah, they’re so tough and angry, losing is just poison to their minds that they don’t learn from losing and work towards compromising with the other side…because politics works like that…it’s not a football game of one winner and no losers. Politics makes sure that everyone wins by compromise by making concessions for the good of everyone.

That is how a Federal Democratic Republic is supposed to work, anyways, but doubtful that any Trumpkins actually have read the Constitution and understand it, let alone take any college course level classes on politics and governments or International business. The really sad thing is that most of them probably haven’t been to a public library in 20 years and don’t know that you can actually learn from reading.

I think what really pisses them off the most is that they honestly believe they’re the smartest people in the room, in any given situation until they hear or see a conversation they don’t understand and try to make some kind of paranoid sense of it, in the same way Alex Jones and Donald Trump do… it’s a narcissistic means of pushing back against what you don’t understand by conflating the argument with rhetoric and bullshit pseudoscience until others just give up trying to reason with them and let them dwell again in their own paranoid delusions.

And the really horrible thing is, most of these manbabies become parents of marginally unsuccessful children manbabies that don’t see how sports and sportsmanship is a good thing for building teamwork and becoming better by working together, instead of focusing on “us vs dem”. They’d rather jeer at the Special Olympics athletes challenging themselves than cheer them on for the attempt to better themselves. Emotionally, Trumpkins are stunted, which is why many of them are Alt-right, Incels, MGTOWs and right wing terrorists.

Meanwhile, the country continues to dig itself and the world into a greater hole than it can dig itself out of, all for the sake of appeasing madmen who are hell bent on destroying our future for the sake of being the smartest person in the room.


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