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Facebook and the Doxxing Gestapo

This is why I am using Facebook less and less.

1. The burden of proof is on the accused. When you have people accusing you of something, you should have the right to face your accusers.

2. Assumption of guilt. My messaging was cut off again because Facebook arbitrarily decided that a message I sent was in violation of one of its policies – yet they won’t tell me what message was sent or who reported it. So is my account hacked or what?

3. Someone at Facebook decides that certain policies are okay to enforce, like cutting off access for calling someone an idiot, and yet I see policy violations daily where people call each other names and bash each other publicly.

How does any of this foster open communication?

I don’t even feel like engaging in discussions anymore because I am tired of these babies throwing tantrums and reporting me because I dared to disagree with their viewpoint. I’m tired of being targeted by hate groups who hide behind anonymous monikers and dox people they disagree with.

Facebook is getting to be less about “keeping in touch” with those you care about and more of a popularity contest of idiocy. I don’t like that you can’t speak with a live representative or admin chat.. it’s all shrouded in secrecy like a Dianetics cult.

I’m just going to work on my website and post my stuff there from now on. That way, my friends know how to find me and see what I’ve been up to.


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