Facebook is Big Brother…


Facebook promised to be the friend connector, pushing MySpace out of the market as the social media yardstick and replacing it with message boards and discussions where people are supposedly encouraged to share their opinions.

Then, slowly, Facebook became this standard utility to accumulate information and even became a platform for hatred and bigotry and even helped social engineer and change public opinions through madd media and marketing campaigns which swayed the Presidential election in 2016.

Facebook promised to help make their platform friendly again for users to post content and opinions, but what they’ve really done is enabled users who cannot handle criticism and critical thinking to report anyone who disagrees with them as abusive or harassing.

Having an opinion and engaging in discussion with others is not permitted on Facebook any longer. Facebook has become the Big Brother of social media and anyone not complying with their user policies that they arbitrarily enforce, will have their account suspended whenever, and however they feel like with no way to contact, appeal or explain.

So, that being the case, when someone defames you on Facebook, remember that if you say anything back, you risk being suspended, meaning that any live video from anyone is cut off, news reports, etc. you may miss out on important updates because someone at Facebook called you the aggressor for fighting back. This is known as “Victim blaming” and Facebook is the SS of victim blaming.


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