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Meat Loaf dies from Covid at 74…

“A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age.”

I spent much of my early twenties going to Rocky Horror Picture Show, in Buffalo, to play Eddie at the Amherst Theater. Many of my friends from school were doing Rocky Horror and one of my coworkers, a local mechanic, was a great technical actor who played just about every role. It was the only time during the 90s that I literally smoked Marlboros by the fire exit of a theater for fun. And it kept me from getting drunk on the weekends.

I loved playing Meat Loaf’s part because I got to sing the lyrics and having been raised in the church choir at Kenmore United Methodist, I could project throughout the theater, and I was strong enough to swing and dance with the girls playing Columbia… and lift them high in the air.

When you have a larger than life presence like Meat Loaf, you had to step up for the role… and of course, I got to play the other side of the role as Doctor Everett Scott.

Of course, I played some of the other roles, including Brad and even Doctor Frankenfurter once… just once.

I got to see Meat Loaf perform twice for the Bat Out Of Hell 2 tour… once at Shea’s and once at Darien Lake. Unlike Rob Zombie and Godsmack, Meat Loaf was a great time, singing along with him and dancing with my girlfriends in the aisles.

It’s going to be hard to find other performers like Marvin Lee Aday. And 2022 is just warming up her vocals.


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