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When The Student Becomes The Master – Why Beating Bill Belichick’s Patriots Was Necessary.


I have to say this…

I didn’t understand what kind of coach Bill Belichick is until I read this. While Belichick has had controversial wins and a sore temper, for him to have privately praised Josh’s talent and sportsmanship after the stunning blowout he took on the chin from the Bills, and how Josh took took the praise, it says a lot about the character of Josh Allen, as much as it does about Belichick, as the rival coach.

And the fact that Bill met with Tom Brady after the Buccaneers game and he congratulated him on his success like a proud father… I think a lot of us gave him less credit than he deserves for being “the bigger man” and recognizing integrity and excellence, when it was clearly due. Bill Belichick cares about winning, but it also goes to show that he’s just as invested in the players personally. That’s what makes a good coach.

This is about legacy, this is about respect, and about the student becoming the Master.

Thank you, Bill Belichick for every learning opportunity you gave the Bills in defeat and for the opportunity to beat the Patriots in fair competition. Every Master of the game must recognize that defeat is inevitable through growth and practice, if we truly want to strive towards excellence. Because winners don’t give up, and the Buffalo Bills are not giving up or backing down.





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