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Facebook’s Heavyhanded Justice System

The really odd thing about Facebook is how they claim on one hand that they want users to engage in social media by arguing politics, and talking about current events, and providing a safe space for people do so. On the other hand, they let a lot of people post hate speech and threats online to other people. For a social media platform that supposedly prides itself of being a place for “friends”, they have a tendency to restrict and block access from people who are merely trying to stop misinformation and racism and sexism and other hate speech from taking over.

For example, I was put into 7 days of restricted access for calling someone a “Rat-faced idiot”. Plenty of insults I see on FB are far worse and I felt someone would probably laugh at such an antiquated insult. Unfortunately, Right Wingers and conservatives have their humorous circumcised at birth and thus, are raised to believe that nothing is funny, everyone is goddamned serious, all the time, and they can’t function without believing that liberals and leftists want socialism, feminists are convening in the forests and casting spells upon their president, the deep state is trying to take away all of our freedoms of religion as long as they are White Christian values.

Rather than punishing those online who make social media unenjoyable, Facebook hires people to arbitrarily monitor and punish people that they take out of context so that everything is offensive, even if it’s not demeaning. Let’s face it, for the past fifteen years, Facebook has changed itself around, added more content and just about everyone has a presence on Facebook to plug their product, idea or invention. Sometimes even artists and creators get charged by Facebook for “indecency”. Facebook has become an “unholy place” where book burning is acceptable as a practice, character assassination and libel are commonplace and the discussion goes round and round about the president while the blame shifts side to side.


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